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Magically Poisoned by Joynell Schultz

The Mayor was murdered? And a magical plant from my garden is to blame? Even if I wanted that jerk dead, running my Bed & Breakfast takes all my time. There’s no way I could have snuck a murder into my busy schedule, but obviously, someone I know did. A plant stolen from my garden poisoned the Mayor. Who could have done this? Who framed me? It couldn’t be my hard-working assistant, the delivery driver, or my gardener, could it be? And I’m sure it wasn’t the sexy water witch who spends an absurd amount of time staying at my little Bed & Breakfast…but he does know way more than he should about magical plants. When the police suspect me and ask for my cooperation, I begin to investigate myself. None of my friends look like they could murder anyone…but what does a murderer look like? But there is no need to worry. I have this all under control. I’m a potion witch and have a few tricks up my sleeve. You’ll love this new paranormal witch cozy mystery because it has everything you want to read about: magic, witches, potions, murder, and romance. Download it now. Books in the series: Magically Poisoned Magically Murdered Magically Attacked Magically Missing
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