Magic Awakened
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Magic Awakened by Sadie Moss


This complete reverse harem series is ready to be devoured!

One badass mercenary. Four sexy-as-sin rebels. Bound together by powerful magic and dangerous desire...

In a world ruled by magic, surviving without it means I have to be quicker, smarter, and fiercer than the magical beings that run this city.

I get by just fine working as a bounty hunter... until what should be a routine take-down of an incubus and his buddies turns into a disaster when something inside me goes haywire.

Turns out, I do have magic. And it's so powerful, it's bonded four insanely gorgeous men to me.

Akio, the incubus whose touch lights me on fire.
Jae, the mage who sees past all my defenses.
Fenris, the wolf shifter with the sexy grin.
And Corin, the man from my past who still holds a piece of my soul.

They're part of an underground rebellion fighting back against the magical elite, and they claim they need my help.

But if I agree to fight alongside them, I may be risking more than my life.

I could lose my heart too.

Magic Awakened is a complete medium-burn reverse harem series with steamy scenes and pulse-pounding action.

Included in this volume:
Bound by Magic
Game of Lies
Consort of Rebels

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