Loving the Boss
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Loving the Boss by Agnes Canestri

It could be her fresh start. If only she could avoid falling for her boss... Eleni is in desperate need of a new beginning—preferably one that’s far, far away from her cheating ex. So when she’s offered a dance instructor gig at a remote tropical resort, she jumps at the opportunity. Now all she has to do is ignore her attraction to the resort’s handsome dive instructor, Matteo. After all she’s been through, the last thing she needs is another potential heartache. Matteo isn’t looking for love, either. He’s more comfortable in the water than out of it, and finds the depths of the ocean a lot easier to navigate than matters of the heart. Besides, he needs to stay focused if he wants to eventually open his own free diving school. All he’ll have to do now is ignore how Eleni makes his heart flutter with nothing more than a glance in his direction. But all their best intentions go out the window when Eleni is transferred to the dive center—and it’s not long before the lines between business and pleasure blur. Can Eleni and Matteo learn to overcome the wounds of the past and heal together, even if their ambitions and desires are oceans apart? Loving the Boss is a clean and wholesome contemporary boss/employee romance with a guaranteed happily-ever-after. It's book one in the Gems of Love series. Each story is a standalone, with the perks of meeting recurring characters throughout the books. ALL BOOKS IN THE GEMS OF LOVE FAMILY SERIES: Loving the Boss (Eleni & Matteo) Gambling with the Billionaire (Bianca & Ryan) Fake-dating the Single Dad (Ginny & Nick) Saving the Brother's Best Friend (Giada & Gabriel) Falling for the Undercover Agent (Ruby & Giordano)
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