Loving Rosenfeld

Loving Rosenfeld by Leighann Hart

It's four minutes to closing time at The Roast, and all Peter Rosenfeld wants is a steaming cappuccino as he rushes off to an assignment. But they've closed early. So, he does what any level-headed, mature adult would do: pounds on the windows and demands his caffeine fix. He boycotts the shop upon their refusal to serve him, but returns weeks later and meets Ryleigh, the gorgeous new barista who bore witness to his childish outburst. And while Peter's initial interest only lies in her cappuccino-making skills, her wit and charm soon have him reeling—but she’s young. Too young. A freshman in college. Or so she says. Ryleigh has him convinced of it until an article runs in his newspaper and reveals her not so innocent lie: she's a senior in high school. Her age, and the ghost of a failed relationship, give him sufficient reason to shy away from their peculiar but undeniably budding involvement. Despite knowing she's moving out of state for college in the fall, Ryleigh is insistent on having him in her life. As that deadline approaches, Peter questions everything he believes—and what it would mean to go against it.
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“Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry.” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Angel

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