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Love’s Trial by Melissa Storm

Sally Scott has a lot of wishes that life just isn’t willing to grant for her. She longs to write the next great American novel, but nobody is willing to read it. The love of her life just married somebody else, and she’s the outsider in the small, close-knit town of Sweet Grove. At this point, she’s all but given up trying to fit in. Tobias Lloyd, on the other hand, isn’t even supposed to be alive. His grandparents intercepted his teenaged mother on the way to abort him and forced her to have the baby she didn’t want. Although he was raised in their loving care, he’s always felt like his very existence is a mistake. Now fresh out of law school, he returns to his hometown, hoping he can finally find a place to belong and to prove he has a purpose. Could Sally and Tobias find strength in their differences? Will she learn to appreciate all she has instead of focusing on what’s missing? And will he be able to identify and glorify God’s plan for his life? Don't miss this sweet tale of faith, love, and finding purpose—get your copy of Love's Trial today! “Melissa Storm writes from the heart.” ★★★★★ from Shrtip “Melissa continues to impress me with the depth of honesty in her stories and her consideration and courage in addressing serious topics. The characters all seemed to be reflections of people I have met in my life ★★★★★ from Nancy Garbe “Not only an amazing love story but an inspirational story I truly felt like I gained something special from reading this book.” ★★★★★ from Anne Blyth
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