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Love’s Sunrise by Dorothy Wiley

Seeking shelter from a storm on the Kentucky frontier, Gabe meets his neighbor's daughter, Martha. They're drawn to each other—but will secrets from their pasts stand in the way of their hearts' desires? A riveting historical romance teeming with action and brimming with emotional realism! Gabe McGrath has secured the title to his land among the blue-green pastures and rolling hills of 1806 frontier Kentucky. During a violent storm—the second worst night of his life—Gabe seeks shelter at the home of a nearby cattleman Stephen Wyllie and meets the man's stunning, strong-willed daughter, Martha Wyllie. Burdens of grief and a desire for justice stand in the way of Gabe's happiness. And Martha holds a sacred, secret promise deep in her heart that makes her deny her attraction to the handsome neighbor. While Gabe heroically confronts both the haunting tragedies of the past and the ruthless and wide-ranging violence of a brutal gang, Martha must make a heartrending choice between keeping her word and following her heart. When the destinies of Wiley's memorable characters intersect, and obstacles stand in the way of love, this author delivers a story to remember. Wiley's well-blended use of humor, sadness, and tender moving moments will touch your heart and make you smile. Her novels will appeal to all readers, especially those who love westerns and American historical romances. * * * WILDERNESS HEARTS SERIES - Wyllie brothers and their grown children Book One - LOVE'S NEW BEGINNING Book Two - LOVE'S SUNRISE Book Three - LOVE'S GLORY Book Four- LOVE'S WHISPER Each book is a stand-alone, full-length novel featuring a different couple.
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