Loves Me, Loves Me Not
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Loves Me, Loves Me Not by Karen Sandler


Elementary school principal Katherine Tipton is used to dealing with mischievous children and parents who think their little angels are perfect. But the problems she's having with one unruly pupil are nothing compared to the trouble she finds herself facing with the little girl's far too attractive father.

Single dad Steven Walker made a fortune designing wacky computer games for kids. He faces life’s challenges with a devil-may-care attitude and supports the way his lively daughter colors outside the lines.

Despite Kathrine’s all business view on life, Steven's convinced there's a passionate and high-spirited woman beneath her strait-laced exterior. He's determined to show her you can follow the rules but still have fun in life.

Try as she might to counter his easy-going ways, the good-looking creative genius charms his way into her life. Can two opposites find a common meeting point to a forever love?

If you enjoy sweet romantic comedies, you'll love Loves Me, Loves Me Not. Get your copy today!

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