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Love’s Abyss by Lora Thomas

Lady Madison St. John is the fiery, redheaded daughter of the Earl of Hyntington, engaged to Commodore Andrew McClain of His Majesty’s Royal Navy. She is the envy of every woman at Governor’s Harbour, due to her ravishing beauty and the love of such an honorable man. Her blessed life changes during a violent pirate siege of the commodore’s ship. Madison is kidnapped by the dreaded pirate, Alexander Xavier, and taken aboard his ship, The Abyss. Unbeknownst to her, Alexander is a mere alter ego for Nicholas Sinclair, the handsome son to the Governor of Eleuthera. Playing pirate was once a game for Alex until his son’s mother was murdered at the hands of Madison’s beloved Commodore. In close quarters, Madison and Alex are forced to get to know each other. He finds her to be impossible to tame or intimidate. She finds him to be ruling her deepest, darkest, fantasies. Despite the growing fondness between them, vengeance has a price and the commodore should not be overlooked as he searches for his fiancée on the thrilling high seas.
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