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Love You Still by Kat Bammer

It had been 13 years… …but seeing him told her one thing. The wounds hadn’t healed. When Lisa ran to Europe to escape the heartache of first love lost and small-town conflict, she didn’t think she’d be back. It could not be avoided. She had to return. Her mother’s skill for getting on her last nerve, was sharp as ever. It might have been her imagination. Or maybe wishful thinking. But when they met again, sparks flew. Peter just wanted to settle down. Life as a US Navy Seal didn’t mix well with marriage and heading back to become a deputy sheriff made sense. Now, he had a job he loved and was well on his way to recovering from the divorce. Then she found the body. He needed to find the killer. But seeing Lisa, the “one who got away,” and having all the years of regret come back to him, put Peter off his game. And that was a recipe for disaster. At the worst time possible, will they find a way back to the love they both deserve? You’ll adore this second-chance romance, because this killer just might ruin everything. It will keep you guessing. Get it now.