Love You Forever

Love You Forever by Alexis Winter


Seven tempting men.

Seven fierce women.

Seven scorching hot love stories.

Grab this laugh-out-loud, must read collection that will set your sheets on fire and have you believing in love again

This contemporary romantic comedy collection includes several top 100 best-sellers:

The Wrong Brother
Rock bottom has a basement—and I just found it.
It was just a kiss.
And then a few more.
And then so many toe-curling O’s my brains are permanently scrambled.

One minute I’m pining for my best friend,
The next I’m falling for his brother.

Marrying My Best Friend's BFF
I’m THAT guy…

The one that rejected his best friend and broke her heart on national television—then secretly fell in love with HER best friend, got her pregnant, and…well, let me explain.

My future with her is all that matters and I only have one chance to make things right.
Now if I can just convince this tenacious woman I’m worth a damn chance and can give her and our unborn baby the life they deserve.

Rocking His Fake World
Luna is my great love story.
I feel it in my bones, in the pit of my stomach.
I feel it every time she opens her mouth to sing and every time she smiles.
I feel it every time we touch, with every beat of my heart and every breath I take.

Now, with only the memory of her kisses to hold on to, I realize how wrong I was.

Breaking up With My Boss
He’s my billionaire boss from hell—and now he’s my fiancé.
Imagine the devil’s cocky, sexy brother in a three-piece suit.

You know how they say there’s a thin line between love and hate?
I think that line might have just disappeared.

My Accidental Forever
Girl meets boy.
Girl gets arrested.
Boy bails girl out of jail.
Boy and girl get married?

I’ve gotten myself into a lot of situations but this one takes the cake…the wedding cake.

The F It List
It started when my hot-as-hell coworker offered to give me my first O.
Let me back up.
It actually started when I got dumped at the altar.

After some serious self-reflection (and momentarily swearing off men forever) I decided the only way to figure out what I want in life is to make a list.
My F It List—A journey to self-discovery and kicking ass!

One thing that wasn’t on my list?
Having Grayson’s baby.
Knocking out the big O,
Just turned into me getting knocked up.

The Baby Fling
Have you ever panicked and told a teensy little white lie?
Like that you’re pregnant and secretly engaged to the totally hot stranger you were just dancing with?

To my surprise, Mr. Perfect has agreed to go along with my new plan…or at least the part he knows about.

Fake Fiancé? Check.
Fake Baby? Double Check.
Positive Pregnancy Test? Oops…

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