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Love Notes by Susan Coventry

Sophia and Drew became friends in high school, and ten years later they're still friends. She's harbored a secret crush on him all that time; however, lately, it's been threatening to spill out. When Sophia is invited to a friend's destination wedding, she asks Drew to escort her—as her pretend boyfriend. If she can't have him for real, at least she can make believe for a little while. Soon, she realizes that playing a pretend couple draws them dangerously close to the line that she never expected to cross. While she enjoys getting to know Drew in a whole new way, she fears that their friendship is at risk. Once she has a taste of him, though, she can't help but want more. After a series of events threaten to derail their new relationship, Sophia must decide whether to put her heart on the line. Will she risk trading their friendship for love? Find out in...Love Notes.
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