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Love In The Dark by Leah Holt

He was everything I should avoid... A silent lion in the dark; watching, studying, devouring me without a single touch. His voice sent shivers up my spine, stopping my heart inside my chest as if he controlled the oxygen it needed to beat. I danced for him, because he demanded it. I lied for him, because he wanted it, even though I knew a single lie could get me killed. He told me I was too pretty for this world, that there were things he could do for me. His eyes, the way they wander over my body, it makes me feel things I never felt before. Feelings that have no place here. Feelings that don't exist in my world. I couldn't ignore what I felt, and decided to risk my life to ask him for help. But I was a fool wishing on fallen stars. When the smoke clears, I'm able to see him for what he truly is... And it's not the hero I wanted him to be. How could I ever find love in the dark?