Love Him Breathless
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Love Him Breathless by E.M. Lindsey

“And what if the man you’re fighting for refuses to fight for you back?” Edmund Fitzgerald was the sort of man who tried to find the good in all things. As a natural leader, Fitz reclaimed his trauma after half his body burned in a fire and worked his way up to Fire Chief at the local department. He had a good home, and good friends, even if his romantic life left something to be desired. In spite of his bad luck in love, he managed to keep a cheerful smile on for everyone. At least, until Antoine Tremblay crashed into town. Literally. Fitz can’t stand the guy who has big plans to change Cherry Creek, but his dislike for the man spawns something inside him he can’t name. And when the passion starts to consume him, he realizes there’s a very fine line between hate and love. Fitz has never found someone worth fighting for, and Antoine has never found a reason to stay, but they know that looking at each other leaves them absolutely breathless.
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Gay pulp fiction or homosexual pulps refers to published works, chiefly fiction, that comprise references to male homosexuality, especially male homosexual sex, and finely produced, commonly in paperback publications made from wood pulp paper; lesbian pulp fiction is comparable work about girls. LGBT topics in Hindu Epics involve Hindu divinities or characters whose characteristics or behavior can be translated as lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, transgender, or gender change and non-heterosexual sexuality. We all deserve to see that our lived experiences are reflected from the pages of a great publication. And like the rest of the literary canon, LGBTQ novels arrive in all genres.

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