Love Bound
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Love Bound by Rebecca Ryan


"I'm addicted to this series!" -- April Wilson, author 

"This book is perfect." 

"But one day," I lean closer and whisper in her ear, "I'd love to see you out of your comfort zone." -- Finn Colton

I lost my wife and unborn son to a man bent on vengeance. As head of Colton Security I should have seen it coming, been able to protect them. But I didn't. It’s taken me years to find love again, to trust my heart and soul to another woman. And now, he's after her too. 

"If he's right, then I’m in danger—in danger of losing myself. I've only been in love twice before." -- Claire Russo 

I lost my parents at nineteen and was forced to raise my sisters and brother. I barely made it through vet school. Maintaining my practice is about all I can handle while nursing a broken heart. And then along comes Finn Colton. He bought our family inn, the place we all grew up, and stole my heart in the process.

Set on the Maine coast, this small town, security-hero love story is just the first in a series about the Russo sisters and their brother. Meet them all in their debut story. 

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