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Love Beyond Hate in the West by Aurora Hanson

Margaret Ross, the daughter of a wealthy rancher, is gifted with an enchanting voice. Due to her romantic nature, marriage seems like a distant reality opposed to her family's expectations. Everything in her life seems to flow smoothly. Up until a derailed stagecoach would almost cost her life, if it wasn't for a handsome, mysterious man who moved her aside. The minute they set eyes on each other, they both feel a nonverbal powerful vibe. Who is the attractive man that saved her life? Dave Myers is a competitive hard-working young man with a very sensitive hidden side. Having a deep connection with his sister is the reason why he respects women dearly and always has the urge to protect them. To his misfortune, following his father's orders, he has mingled himself in a rival war with a neighboring rancher. His plans will drastically change when Margaret will unexpectedly enter his life Will he succeed in materializing what he had in mind? Margaret's and Dave's relationship is a definite betrayal to their families. They have been rivals for more years than they can remember and the hatred rules their hearts. Small acts of Dave's kindness could be the first step towards ending the senseless war their parents have been waging against each other. Will it bring them closer together or the hostilities will dominate over their love? * * * "Love Beyond Hate in the West" is a historical western romance novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.