Love, Baby
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Love, Baby by Taryn Quinn


Hey, Cupid, bring me the man of my dreams...and maybe a baby too.

Let three seductive heroes sweep you away at the most romantic time of the year...and maybe even change your life in the best way possible.

What’s included in this hot, outrageously funny baby daddy collection set in the cozy lakeside town of Crescent Cove:

Book 5: Baby Daddy Wanted: I didn’t intend to make a post for a baby daddy wanted on my small town’s Facebook page - nor did I expect that my secret crush, big, brawny Murphy, would want to help me...

Book 6: Rockstar Baby: I'm a well-known music producer, snowed in overnight in a small town far from my home. Then I meet Ivy, and we have the most incredible night of our lives. The next time I return, Ivy is pregnant—and now I won’t give up until we become a family for real.

Book 7: Daddy in Disguise: Single dad Gideon and I have been dancing around each other for months, but he’s the contractor on my restaurant’s renovation—and he’s keeping secrets too. Risking it all for love? Nah. Not me. But anything can happen on the most magical night of the year...

Plus special bonus Operation Dirty Dad: an exclusive never before seen extra featuring Macy and Gideon from Daddy in Disguise. And Chapter ONE of our all new WRONG BED BABY coming out March 30th!

Three very different dads from wealthy heroes to blue-collar ones —all with romantic happily-ever-afters and plenty of laughs! And maybe a baby...or three.

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