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Love at the House Party by Kasey Stockton

She attends a house party to become engaged to the host. She doesn't anticpate falling for another guest... Eleanor Wheeler is a widow, and marrying again is the only way to save her sister and herself from their brother's drunken temper. Mr. Bancroft offers her such an escape if she can gain his mother's approval at the family's house party. But matters grow complicated when she stumbles across a fellow guest in the middle of the night. Despite fear of scandal, Eleanor cannot resist the Marquess's conversation, which appeals to her heart in a way Mr. Bancroft never could. However, losing Mr. Bancroft would be disastrous to her sister's future. As the house party draws to a close, she must choose between a safe bet or following her heart. A clean and wholesome Regency romance, Love at the House Party is the third book in the Women of Worth series. It can be read apart from the series or enjoyed in proper order. Book One: Love in the Bargain Book Two: Love for the Spinster Book Three: Love at the House Party Book Four: Love in the Wager Book Five: Love in the Ballroom
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