Love at Christmas
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Love at Christmas by Poppy Pennington-Smith


She’s an artist, living in a quiet cottage in the Suffolk countryside. He’s the guy who never forgot her. When they’re reunited at Christmas time in London, everything changes.

Every November, Lottie visits her old friend Sophie in London. But ever since Sophie secured a high-flying finance job and Lottie decided to become an artist, the pair have begun to drift apart.

This year, it’s Sophie’s 30th and she’s got big things planned. But Lottie would rather be at home in the Suffolk countryside than at a fancy party in London.

Until she runs into Sam at Kings Cross train station…

Sam was Lottie’s housemate at university. He loved her for years, but never told her. And now, as the pair are reunited, Lottie starts to see him in a totally different light.

A weekend at Lottie’s cottage seems like the perfect opportunity for the two of them to grow closer, but with Sophie and Lottie’s ex Richard in tow, will Lottie and Sam have the chance to admit how they feel? And will they get their happy ending before Christmas?

If you love wholesome, atmospheric romance novels with a hint of adventure and an ending that will give you all the feels, you’ll adore Poppy Pennington-Smith’s ‘Love at Christmas’.

'Love at Christmas' is a sweet standalone romance novella with no cliff hangers and a HEA. It is the fifth title in the 'True Love Travels' series by Poppy Pennington-Smith and was previously available as a subscriber exclusive under the title 'Love in London'.

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