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Lost : The Little Sisters by H. M. Irwing

Luxy Ara Starr is Lucy Little. But her true name is only a connection to the famous father she's never met, and the twin brother who was stolen from her before she could ever truly know him. Encapsulated in the warm embrace of her family, which includes her mother, the man she calls her dad, and her little sisters, twins themselves, Lucy only has two things on her mind: what to study when she heads off to university and how much longer she can ignore her feelings for her best friend, Jace Neil. Abruptly, her list of worries grows longer when her biological father contacts her with an invitation to meet face-to-face for the first time since she was six months old, and to meet her long-lost brother too. Not only that, but it seems that Jace's other best friend, Richard Reeves, has taken a sudden and exceptional interest in little Lucy. Stuck between the family that's always loved her and the family she's never known, between the boy who's always been by her side and the man who might see her true self more clearly than anyone else, between a chaotic past and an uncertain future, can Lucy transform this rocky road into her path to happiness?
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