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Lost Secret by Emily Reed

The universe sings a song, and I can hear it when we kiss… Dimitri's eyes are the ice blue of a glacier—the hottest edge of a flame. His gaze both chills and heats me. His lips turn up into a predatory smile when he looks at me. The man walks like a dancer—movements liquid, precise, controlled, and strong. He’s been following me...sent to protect me. I believed the first ten years of my life were a hallucination—a delusion created by a traumatized mind. I grew up not trusting myself, so I put all my faith in my best friend, Megan. When she disappeared, I lost my anchor…and picked up a stalker. After violence erupts in Crescent City, and the dead begin to rise, creatures I believed only inhabited the world of fantasy—vampires, witches, warlocks, shifters—all want something from me. My whole life, I’ve feared my past… my truth. But I can feel it now, hovering in the near distance. Waiting for me to claim it. It’s my time.
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