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Look Who Hatched by Jamie Knight

Romance isn’t the only thing in bloom between us. My physical therapy client is hot AF. He’s also a genius billionaire. Who made his own prosthetic leg. Our chemistry during his sessions is off the charts. But it would be inappropriate to do more than flirt. Until he tells me it’s his last session. And that he’s moving to the mountains in upstate New York. Where he’ll make a healing cabin retreat for others like him. He’ll also make them all their own prosthetics. He invites me up to visit him. And I know he doesn’t just mean for coffee. But I’m not sure if I should go there, there with him— in more ways than one. He’s older and a lot more experienced than me. And my life is in New York City. Which is very different from his new life. But then tragedy strikes me like it had struck him. And I run to him for refuge and comfort. Of course he soothes me in every way possible. But we both know this is nothing serious. We’re focused on our respective careers. I’m determined to head back to the City by Easter. But then I find out that something is budding inside me. Is this the end of our Spring flirtation? Or the start of a love that can weather all seasons? Look Who Hatched is a standalone Spring-themed billionaire secret baby romance. Jamie Knight promises to always bring you a happy ever after filled with plenty of heat. And never any cheating or cliffhangers!
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