Logan’s Allure
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Logan’s Allure by Rayna Tyler


Losing family members during the war had changed Cianna’s life. Survival on her planet got harder, and working in a bar, her days spent waiting on others, was not how she’d envisioned her future. After spending time with the group determined to prevent another conflict, learning how to be a warrior like the human females became her greatest desire.

Her greatest challenge, other than dealing with an overprotective sibling, is convincing the human male in charge of training, the one whose alluring scent makes her tail twitch, that she is serious.

Being second in command of the human rebels and a member of the newly formed alliance with the ketaurran ruler, Logan’s position comes with a lot of responsibility. Dealing with dangerous, sometimes life-threatening situations is a way of life and not conducive to having a relationship. Training females to fight is part of the job, one that never came with distractions until he met Cianna. A task made more difficult when his next mission requires him to go undercover in her family’s bar.

How can Logan be expected to complete his assignment, let alone train Cianna, when all he wants to do is hold the enticing female in his arms and keep her safe?

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