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Logan by Violette Paradis


Logan's public reputation is going up in flames and a fake girlfriend is just what he needs to build it back up...

I'm overworked, underpaid, and I haven't been laid in months.
But when an opportunity arises to be hockey superstar Logan Drake's fake girlfriend, I can't say no.
This is so unlike me... I don't do these kinds of things.
But I would never have a chance to date him otherwise and the money is nice.
Our contract says our relationship is strictly platonic.
But the kisses feel so real.
And deep down I wish it was something more...

Everyone thinks I'm a rebel, a bad boy, a guy who can't keep it in his pants...
The tabloids make all their money off the disaster that is my personal life.
If only they knew the real me.
There's only one thing to do to get the public back on my side : put on a show.
But things get too real when Riley turns out to be everything I want in a woman.
She's smart, sexy, and she loves hockey.
But this is all for show... right?
I'm willing to risk it all to find out.

***This hockey romance novel is a part of the Seattle Blades universe. Although it's part of a series, it can be read as a standalone novel. This story has steamy scenes and an HEA.***

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