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Locked Down with Mr. Right by Jamie Knight

I didn't think my midlife crisis would go quite like this. I'm a reluctant participant, but he wants to rock my world. Second Chance Bachelorette. It's a reality dating show for women like me. I'm 40, a single mom, and I've had no luck in love. The show gives female contestants a makeover. And then sets them up with billionaires. Whoever finds the right match wins. The audience must be convinced it's the real thing. My friend signs me up for the show behind my back. Since my ex has custody of our son for the spring. She thinks I could use a new start. But mostly I could use the prize money. So, I'm flown to a big city for the whirlwind trip. And I decide I can fake the perfect "love connection." Without actually falling in love. Since that's not something I do. Except, apparently, with the one guy in all of New York City that I'm not supposed to fall for. Our forbidden fling will have to stay our little secret. Or it will ruin the show, and each of our goals. But then a pandemic strikes and everything's on lockdown. I have to leave the hotel the show is paying for. My new mystery man says I can move into his mansion. We'll have a lot of time to explore our feelings... and each other's bodies. But could we really end up together when this is all over? Is our love destined to fail or can we risk everything to be together?
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