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Living With Lies by Patricia Watters

LIVING WITH LIES TRILOGY: 4-BOOK BUNDLE: Includes the Prequel and Books 1, 2 & 3 of the DANCING MOON RANCH SERIES (Dancing Moon Ranch Bundle Series) Kindle A mix-up at a fertility clinic. Two women impregnated with the wrong sperm. One woman wants to abort; the other wants the child she set out to have. A child dependent on stem cells from one of the newborns. A cowboy who'll fight for the right to his unborn son. Who will end up with the innocent infants, and at what costs? A sweeping family saga that spans thirty years and encompasses cover-ups, baby-bartering, divorce, and a tangled web of righteous lies that carry over into the next generation when the web begins to unravel. Follow the heartwarming love stories in this uplifting family saga set on the Dancing Moon Ranch where the vista goes on forever and chivalry's alive and well, romances that feature courageous, self-assured heroes with endearing flaws and the gutsy women who capture their hearts, women these unsuspecting cowboys would lay down their lives for. These are stories about the power of love to triumph over adversity, the strength of the family unit to heal, and the joy that comes with giving the gift of hope PREQUEL: JUSTIFIED DECEPTION - Ruth Crawford's PI is all but certain that ranch owner, Matt Kincaid's adopted daughter is Ruth's child who was kidnapped five years before. But shortly after Ruth lands the job as nanny to Matt's six-year-old daughter, Matt begins to suspect Ruth is the bio mother who gave up his daughter for adoption and has come to take her back… Which will be over his cold dead body. BOOK 1: RIGHTEOUS LIES: Widowed, Grace Templeton's attempt to get her life back on track is smashed when a mix-up at a fertility clinic leaves her pregnant with the child of a stranger instead of that of her dead husband, and that stranger's about to turn her life upside down. BOOK 2: PANDORA'S BOX - When Justine, a woman high up in the corporate world, finds herself jobless she goes to the Dancing Moon Ranch to stay with her sister, Grace, and get her life back on track. Brad, a best-selling author with PTSD is there to shove the past behind and get back to writing. A romance buds until Brad finds himself with a daughter he never knew existed and all bets about romance are off. But then, Brad fails to factor in the power of love to bring together a driven woman and a troubled child, and his need to have both in his life. BOOK 3: FALSE PRETENSES - Jayne has a dark secret she hopes will stay hidden until she lands the job as guest ranch manager at the Dancing Moon Ranch. Sam hires her without running a background check. But soon Sam finds himself blindly in love with Jayne, even knowing she's hiding something, something to do with a child. He also senses there's much more. LEVEL OF SENSUALITY: If you're looking for steamy romances you'll find instead sexy stories in a non-graphic way. So, please join me in ranch country ABOUT THE SERIES: The books in the Dancing Moon Ranch series are intended to be read in sequence as each book moves forward in time, the series spanning two generations. I invite you to check out my DANCING MOON RANCH FAMILY ALBUM in which my 13-book Dancing Moon Ranch Series is illustrated with over 600 full-color photographs depicting the ranch and all the characters in the series.