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There is nothing wrong for a mail order bride to desire children. But what happens when her husband is unable… At 26 years old, a limped Cora Duke wants to stop being a burden on her family. She decides to marry herself off to a stranger, by means of becoming a mail order bride. Cowboy Derek Masters is a man of solitude. A man running from a troubled past and seeking to build a family at his ranch. When a beautiful and confused Cora sweeps into his life, however, old wounds resurface, especially on the touchy topic of childbearing. Despite their growing affection for each other, a combination of insecurities, haunted pasts and natural dangers of the west threaten to push Derek and Cora apart. Derek and Cora struggle to cling to what they have as they realize that they are as different as two people can be. In the end, they must ask the question: does true love really conquers all? And, can they finally have children?