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Like A Bad Pregnancy by Molly LeFavre

The Wakefield Stories -- A series of unrelated stories set in the fictitious small town of Wakefield Louisiana. Addy St. Martin has found the idyllic place to raise her daughter, PJ. Wakefield Louisiana, where nothing exciting ever happens ...until Jake Porter moves into town to coach the 8th grade girls’ basketball team. The handsome pro ball player is shocked to learn his ex-wife is the school librarian. Addy and Jake have been divorced since before PJ was born, and PJ doesn’t know her father’s name. For their daughter’s sake, Addy and Jake agree to keep their previous relationship a secret, which isn’t easy in a town of 1400 nosy people. To complicate matters, in an act of revenge, Jake enlists the aid of the team to coerce Addy to be their assistant. Tempers flare on and off the court, and no one in town can understand why their lovable Miss Addy can’t stand the wonderful new coach.
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