Life is a Cabernet
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Life is a Cabernet by Jan Moran

A mysterious winemaker. A heart devastated by war. A long-buried secret. Napa Valley, 1956: After Juliana Cardona's fiancé died in the Korean war, she didn’t know if she could ever find the strength to risk love again. Juliana, who has a passion for winemaking, is determined to build her own business as a wine publicist and create an independent life. But when Juliana holds a press event in San Francisco, she meets a mysterious winemaker, Henri Laurent, who has two children and is everything she never thought she’d find again. However, Juliana is shocked to discover that Henri is hiding a long-buried secret with roots in WWII that threatens to devastate their budding relationship. To find happiness and the life she’d once thought was gone forever, Juliana must find the strength to uncover tragedies and face the troubled past with the man she loves—but only if her heart can risk the chance of love once more. From Jan Moran, a USA Today bestselling novelist of women’s fiction, comes a riveting novella that’s as rich and irresistible as a fine cabernet wine. Life is a Cabernet is a companion story to The Winemakers, a full-length, 20th-century historical novel set in 1950s Napa and Tuscany, which tells the story of winemaker Caterina Rosetta. The Winemakers saga is published in a 12+ languages and is ideal for readers of women’s fiction authors, including Danielle Steel and Kristin Hannah.
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