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Lethal by Ann Voss Peterson

A Prison Wedding Psychology professor Risa Madsen was too late to stop her little sister from marrying incarcerated serial killer Ed Dryden. But it wasn’t until he escaped, and took sister Nikki with him, that the horror really began… A Promise Broken Years ago, FBI profiler Trent Burnell gave up a life with Risa to focus on stopping psychopaths. Now a killer Trent helped convict is stalking Risa and terrorizing her sister, and it’s up to Trent to take him out. But he can’t do it alone... From nationally bestselling and award-winning romantic suspense author, Ann Voss Peterson, comes the first in a series of ten standalone novels exploring the world surrounding her popular character Police Chief Val Ryker (Pushed Too Far, Burned Too Hot, Dead Too Soon). A young woman searching for love. A sister hoping for a second chance. A FBI agent who’s seen it all before. A sadistic killer bent on revenge. LETHAL by Ann Voss Peterson Love, sex, revenge, murder... welcome to Lake Loyal, Wisconsin.
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