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Let Life Happen by Jaqueline Snowe

NEW ADULT, ENEMIES TO LOVERS ROMANCE The campus flirt and the bartender with a chip on her shoulder should result in disaster…right? Jenna Smithson and Aiden Chad agree to disagree on just about everything—except for their mutual annoyance of each other. They both agree on that. A whole lot. Jenna works at a campus bar and knows exactly the kind of guy Aiden is, and Aiden… well he can charm just about anyone. Except her. So when they get paired up for a project, it’s a forced truce. They both have too much to lose and getting the grade is more important than their dislike for each other. Her sassy attitude is the perfect match for his confidence and humor and both like having the last word. No matter what. But long nights, a friendship they neither expected, and a slow transition from enemies to something more has two people question everything.