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Lawfully Avenged by Jenna Brandt

Take Love and Law Seriously... U.S. Marshal Lucas Graham had been assigned to look into the deaths of several gold miners in Havilah, California. Though the job is routine, delivering the news to the murder victim’s proxy bride that her husband is dead is not. Neither is the growing attraction he feels for her as he tries to find out the truth of what happened to her husband. Sadie Steele is running from the law straight into the arms of her childhood best friend, Sam Clayton. The only problem, when she arrives to start her new life with him, a Marshal informs her that he’s been murdered. With nothing to return to, Sadie stays to run her husband’s claim while she waits for the Marshal to avenge her husband’s death. Will Lucas figure out what’s really going on in time to protect Sadie? Can Sadie find a way to make room in heart for a lawman? And what will happen when danger from the past and present collide?
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