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Society has already determined their destiny. Until these men appear and they change their lives forever. The first arrives from the Colonies, needing to find a husband before this Season’s end and her ailing father’s passing. But London’s society proves daunting and cruel to a lively girl who’s been raised away from its rules. Will a bitter Duke and his wise sister be enough to protect and guide her? Or will he be the one to endanger her heart most of all? The second still mourns a love lost but never forgotten. On the verge of spinsterhood, she needs to decide her future, fast. When fate makes it so her path crosses that of her former suitor, will she be brave enough to seize that second chance? Or is their love condemned to be lost forever? The third doesn’t think about marriage at all, until her parents demand her to do so. A secret admirer sends her unsigned letters that make her heart shiver – a secret admirer who is, in fact, her long-time friend. Will he finally win her heart before another one does? Will he find the courage to reveal the truth before it’s too late? Maria, Georgiana, Julia. Three young women, three enthralling stories about love, forgiveness, and courage. If you like engaging characters, heart- wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Last Chance for the Charming Ladies!” Buy “Last Chance for the Charming Ladies” and unlock the exciting stories of Maria, Georgiana & Julia's today! This Box Set includes the following three books: 1. A Forthright Courtship 2. A Love Worth Saving 3. Love Letters to a Lady