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Lacy’s Legacy by Elaine Manders

A sweet historical western love story with heart-pounding danger. Ethan Wilkes plans to go west to start a horse ranch, but he sure isn’t ready for a wife, especially a grieving widow, great with child. But his Aunt Milly, proprietress of the Western Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency, disagrees. She believes Lacy Avant is perfect for him, and after she explains Lacy's plight, he heads to Montana Territory. When he arrives in Buffalo Run to claim his mail-order bride, he finds Lacy fighting a ruthless rancher who’s taken over the town, run off half the farmers, and murdered her husband. Can he win Lacy’s heart while hunting down the killer before he strikes again? Can Lacy trust Ethan with her life and her heart? And is the land really worth the risk of losing another husband? The bullets will fly and faith and love will be tested in this fast-paced Christian romance set in untamed Montana Territory, the first in a new multi-author series taken from case files of the eccentric matchmaker who runs the Westward Home and Hearts Matrimonial Agency.
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