Knocked Up by the Vampire
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Rule #5 - Never wear a red dress after midnight.

Shades of Cinderella with a Vampire Prince? Yes, please.


Sweet and innocent good girl Vanessa Singer wants nothing more than to secretly code computer apps and maybe eventually fall in love (passionately and with plenty of steam, thank you). Unfortunately, she wound up with a wicked stepmother (who may be an actual devil wearing Prada) who is determined to keep her locked up in the family bed and breakfast, endlessly cleaning and catering to the guests every needs.

Except one guest wants to go out dancing, and really, she’s not super into the idea at first but it sounds pretty fun, and oh my God the red dress and black leather heels the girl lets her borrow are gorgeous, so—

Her stepmother did say she was supposed to do anything to make sure the guests are happy, right?

Vanessa’s secret night on the town leads to a fateful meeting with a beautiful and intimidating vampire with dark desires and a dominating need to claim her as his own.

Except it’s almost midnight…

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