Knocked Up by the CEO
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Knocked Up by the CEO by Lilian Monroe


He’s New York City’s most eligible CEO, and he’s about to be my baby’s daddy.

Zach Lockwood is irresistible.

He’s charming. He’s confident.

He’s got a smile that brings me to my knees.

Or at least, I wish it brought me to my knees.

There’s only one problem: Mr. Lockwood is my boss.

Otherwise known as: Off. Limits.

But off-limits doesn’t mean a girl can’t look, right?

What’s the point in having a panty-melting CEO if you can’t indulge in a few innocent fantasies?

Well, innocent might not be the right word for them.

But naughty as they may be, my fantasies are the least of my problems.

When I ruin the office Christmas party, I think I might be in trouble.

When he takes me back to his corner office, I know I’m in trouble.

I never knew trouble could feel so good.

And oh my, does it feel good.

It’s just one night.

One wild, fantasy-fueled night.

One night that changes everything.

Neither of us know it yet, but things are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Knocked Up by the CEO is a standalone secret baby office romance, and the first book in the Knocked Up Series. Sizzling-hot and totally unmissable!

Note: Knocked Up by the CEO was previously titled Bad Boss

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