Knit Together
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Knit Together by Karen Anna Vogel


Two cultures knit together by one faith"
Ginny and James Rowland have close-knit ties with many Amish families in the small-town of Smickburg, PA. But these ties are threatened to unravel...
Ginny's photographer brother, Joseph, comes up from Pittsburgh to capture Amish farm scenes, but instead captures the heart of an Amish woman, Katie Byler.
A shunned Amish man finds refuge in the Rowland's Baptist Church.
The Bishop discovers his son is dating the Rowland's daughter.
Will Granny Weaver's knitting circle, that Ginny and other Englishers attend, be able to bring harmony through their love and faith?

Karen Anna Vogel brings to the table a fresh new Amish series that readers will certainly love based from her own experiences as a friend to the Amish. We 'English' look at the Amish through rose-colored glasses. They seem so peaceful and content with a simple way of life. But we forget they are people like everyone else. Karen's series shows this through the hardships and heartbreaks they face and the faith they cling to or struggle with."
Rita Gerlach, author of Surrender the Wind, Daughters of the Potomac Series

"Author Karen Vogel has approached the often misunderstood beliefs or the Amish with tact and tenderness, and I highly recommend this heart-stirring story."
Kathi Macias award-winning author of 35 novels, including Deliver Me From Evil and Unexpected Christmas Hero.

"Karen writes with heart-touching insight and her characters are gripping. Highly recommended."
Jennifer Hudson Taylor, author of Highland Blessings & Highland Sanctuary

Karen Anna Vogel is a trusted English friend to Amish families in Western PA and Western NY. These friends inspired her to write the Amish Knitting Circle series. She owns Thrifty Christian Shopper, an online Christian bookstore, and is a volunteer advocate for Compassion International.

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