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Knights of the North by Bobby Hutchinson

MYSTERY, ADVENTURE AND ROMANCE IN THE YUKON! HIS RIGHT HAND MAN TURNED OUT TO BE A WOMAN Constable Christine Johnstone joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police looking for travel, adventure and promotion. But working undercover has put her life in danger, and the best way to protect her is to hide her in plain sight--as a working constable in Dawson City, Yukon. Corporal Michael Quinn doesn't consider himself a chauvinist, but he needs a tough young policeman to help him uphold law and order in what is still in many ways a frontier town. He can't believe they've sent him a female constable. Quinn is a renegade cop, a still young, old fashioned, disillusioned Mountie whose career is at a standstill. He's the law in Dawson, and he'll be there upholding it until he retires. He knows his town and all the people in it, and he has no illusions about love, marriage and happily ever after--or about the ability of his new constable to subdue drunken miners. But Chris knows that brains can outdo brawn. What she doesn't know is how to deal with the sizzling attraction between her and Quinn. How can they resist passion when winter is one long, dark, cold night? Fans of Tiffanie Helmer's MOOSED UP will love Knights Of The North, a Yukon Adventure. Author Interview: Why did you write this book? I was married to an RCMP officer for many years, and always was enthralled by his tales of working in the far north. I wanted to write a northern romance from a female perspective--with lots of humor.