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Kissing Her Rescuer by Palmer Jones

SHE WANTS TO MAKE IT ON HER OWN. A one-night stand eight years ago wouldn’t even make it on the radar for some women. For Eliza Campbell, she’s held on tight to the memories. She believed in his promises to take care of her and his determination to protect her from her abusive husband. That single night, Dewey Mitchell loved her. But instead of accepting Dewey’s proposal, she stayed with her husband for her daughter’s sake, giving up any hope of coming home. Until now. Back in her hometown, her only concern is to provide for her daughter after her divorce. Because she learned her lesson the first time. She will never rely on a man again. HE WILL ALWAYS PROTECT HER. Eliza is back. Taking care of her is twisted deep into Dewey’s DNA, but she already destroyed his heart once. The offer of his love, money, and security is off the table now. He learned his lesson the first time. But the longer she’s around the small town, the more he sees of the woman who haunts his dreams, the weaker his determination to keep his heart, and his hands, to himself becomes. He will never risk everything again, but reliving their one night together might be inevitable.
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