Kiss of the Blood Prince
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Kiss of the Blood Prince by Alessa Thorn

Cursed. Betrayed. Banished. Fifteen hundred years is a long time to wait to get revenge. The Fae know how to nurse a grudge, and now they have returned to England to claim their rightful place. Fans of Laura Thalassa and C. N. Crawford will enjoy this first book in a new fated mates series about cursed fae princes and the women destined to save them. If you have a weakness for adult romance featuring the fae and villains, this is the series for you! Elise thought her biggest problems were her crap job and lack of a love life, but when a pissed off fae prince attacks her train, and she's taken as his slave, her problems are only just beginning. Prince Kian has spent years planning his revenge, and it's going to take more than one infernal female to stop him. It doesn't matter that desire burns between them and that she could be the key to saving him, the bloodlines who betrayed him will suffer his wrath even if it kills him. Kian needs her blood to break the curse that's destroying him. Elise needs to break his curse to win her freedom. Once a bargain is struck with the fae, there's no breaking it. But will her freedom be worth it if she loses her heart and condemns England in the process? 'Kiss of the Blood Prince' is an adult paranormal romance that contains graphic violence, swearing, and sex scenes.
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