Kiss Me Goodnight
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Kiss Me Goodnight by Veronica Hood


Their secretive, fiery affair can burn both their lives to the ground. And they’ll let it.

Their secretive, fiery affair can burn both their lives to the ground. And they’ll let it.

Art student Ellie Otto yearns for better than shallow conversations and fumbling boyfriends. Older man Barton Hettrick hunts a muse for his unfinished novel, and Ellie sparks more than just his creative fire. When the flirtatious Barton and his titillating book finally show up again, they thrust good-girl Ellie into an indulgent game of obsessive love and mind-blowing sex.

Scared the people around her will judge their age gap and their racy relationship, Ellie keeps Barton all to herself. She’s craved Barton’s passion for years, but while she risks everything to hold onto him, she’s not the only woman close to him.

Do Barton’s painful truths push Ellie to the breaking point and shatter their deep connection? Or does Ellie accept all of him and fight to protect their future?

“Your place or mine?” she asks, then speaks for him. “Yours. I want to know what it’s like to own you in your own space.”
Barton presses his lips to her skin. “Did you study my book?” He sounds amused.
“No. I haven’t even finished it yet. I’ve been too busy with you. I’m very close to the end.”
“That’s good. That means there’s still something left for you to read in the bathtub while I watch you.”
Ellie tosses a glance at him. “You wouldn’t want to join me?”
“Perhaps, but not until I put to rest the fantasies I’ve carried with me since you told me about your titillating little habit.”

Strangers to Bedrooms invites you into the very personal lives of three soon-to-be couples who can’t get enough of each other. Sweat with artist Ellie and writer Barton, panting from the bed to the car and beyond. Then meet two other pairs of daring lovers for a steamy journey of friendship, love, and earth-shattering sex.

They start as strangers, but by the end, against all odds, they’ll be no strangers to the bedroom… or each other.

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Erotic romance books are stories written concerning the growth of a romantic relationship through sexual interaction. Sex is an intrinsic part of the narrative, character development, and relationship development and may not be eliminated without damaging the narrative. To put it differently, it is fun, it's hot, and it could be prestigious. This means, where else can you spot sexy billionaires, rough war heroes, teachers that do not mind giving you D jokes. If you are passionate about your partner or love to read others' passionate sex or love story, then you should add this genre to your reading list. Here are some amazing erotic romance books online that you might like to read.

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