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Katherine, When She Smiled by Joyce Harmon

Katherine Rose has a secret. She was shocked to discover that her late father, a famous scholar, was secretly the author of lurid Gothic novels. These novels, wildly popular though critically disparaged, are her family’s main source of income. His last novel is unfinished and soon due at the publisher! In the family’s dire financial straits, Katherine must take up the fallen pen and finish the manuscript of a form of literature she has always disdained, while all around her the neighborhood goes mad over the arrival in their midst of a handsome and single young lord. Lord Charles Ramsey is home from the wars and ready to settle down. He’s looking for a suitable wife – a nice, easy-going lady, a ‘jolly girl’. The last thing he needs is a complicated, clever, critical young lady with secrets. Katherine and Lord Charles each have their own plans. But novel writing is more difficult than it looks, and finding a suitable wife is less straightforward than Charles imagined. And romance isn’t always where you expect it to be. (Author’s Note: Katherine, When She Smiled takes place in the same universe as my previous Regency romances. It occurs after the events of A Feather To Fly With and Regency Road Trip, but before The World’s a Stage. This is a stand-alone novel, and can be read and enjoyed without having read the previous works. It is a traditional Regency and contains no sex scenes.)
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