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Justified Deception by Patricia Watters

Ruth Crawford's private investigator is all but certain that ranch owner, Matt Kincaid's adopted daughter is Ruth's child, who was kidnapped five years before. But even though Ruth manages to land the job as nanny to Matt's six-year-old daughter, she must tread carefully. Matt's the maverick in a powerful family of attorneys and politicians, and Ruth can't predict what they might do if the adoption is challenged. But Ruth's carefully-laid plan starts to unravel when Matt begins to suspect her of being the woman who gave up his daughter for adoption and she's come to take her back… which will be over his cold dead body. LEVEL OF SENSUALITY: If you're looking for a steamy romance you'll find instead a sexy story in a non-graphic way. My goal is to create heartwarming romances about the power of love to triumph over tragedy, the strength of the family unit to heal, and the joy that comes with the gift of hope. NOTE: Annie Kincaid, the 6-year-old girl in Justified Deception, will grow up to marry one of the sons in the Dancing Moon Ranch series in Book 7: Cross Purposes. ADDITIONAL NOTE: The 13-books in the Dancing Moon Ranch series are intended to be read in sequence as each story moves forward in time, the entire series spanning thirty years and two generations.
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