Justice for his Sister

Justice for his Sister by Jesse Storm


In the dog-eat-dog world of cattle ranching, where there’s no such thing as honor among thieves and only the slyest survive, Grant Menzies must undertake the greatest race of his life – to take revenge upon the men who killed his sister and took everything from his family.

Sitting in his high castle, ruling over his cattle empire, Monroe Croft knows his power. Men have come for him before, and they’ve failed miserably. What could he possibly have to fear from Grant and his three brothers, when he already has a spy in their midst?

Try as they might to bring him to justice, Monroe knows they will fall, as so many have done before. They don’t call him the “Cattle King” for nothing, and his reign of terror has only just begun.

Outgunned and outnumbered, Grant knows he might not make it out of this alive, as he can’t turn back now…

But when Anna Croft is thrown into his life, burned by the same men who took so much from him, will he be able to put his vengeance aside for her sake?

When the moment comes, will he be able to protect her from those who seek to use her as a pawn in their game?

In simple words, the novel penned by a Christian worldview, a way of viewing the world separated through the facts shown in the Bible, is called Christian books. It implies a sovereign God who made everyone and everything; it believes we are responsible to God for our decisions, promises, and activities; it feels we require forgiveness and redemption and that it comes only through the person of Jesus Christ. There are two types of Christian Books: Christian fiction Christian fiction books are those books that overtly display elements of Christianity in the story, mixing things like prayer, conversion, church. Christian non-fiction Christian non-fiction is normally overt in its use of Biblical beliefs to explain an appropriate subject.

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