Just Friends: A Fake Marriage Secret Pregnancy Romance (Fake and Forbidden)

Fake marry my best friend. Throw in some “benefits.” What could go wrong? How about ten little fingers and ten little toes…

Oz’s plan seems so simple.

Convince his grandma to let us live in her rent-controlled apartment by telling her we’re married.

It shouldn’t be hard.

After all, we’ve been best friends for years and are already roomies.

We know each other almost better than we know ourselves.

But our fake marriage leads to other very real things.

Real touches that light my body on fire.

Real feelings that sear my soul.

And real consequences that will arrive in nine months.

If I tell him, it could destroy his dreams of rock and roll stardom.

Yet, if I don’t, I could lose the most important person in my life.

So, yeah, Oz’s plan seemed so simple…

In reality? Not so much.

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