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Just Billionaire by Savannah May

I never claimed to be a good man but my bad girls bring me redemption I take whatever, whoever, I want and pay off the consequences later. When you’re a billionaire playboy that’s part of the game. No different when I find a waif in my break room, making herself coffee with a brazen air that hits me like a storm. Her mouth is so feisty, I have no choice but to take it. I need to claim her. To own her. But then I discover Grace Hart is my temporary intern. Off limits in more ways than one - She’s also freshly minted from the joint – here on my charitable re-integration program. She struts her curvy little body into my office and lays down the boundaries Which only inflames me more I shouldn’t do it but I can’t resist. She’s the perfect mask for my tedious social engagements The little minx deals hard but I can deal harder A bad girl to get me though the summer But maybe we’re both in need of redemption * * * Just Billionaire is a hot full length romance featuring an alpha male and a girl looking for her second chance - in life. It's the first in the standalone series of Bossy Billionaires. Sav, xo
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