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Jolt by Jodi Bowersox

A 21st century woman shakes up a doctor's 19th century world. When the summit of Pikes Peak is beset with a summer storm, Lalita Torres thinks the embarrassment of trading her shorts and tank top for a touristy union suit to keep warm is the worst that could happen. She was wrong. A lightning strike sends her back a hundred and twenty-three years and into the care of Dr. Tate Cavanaugh. Lalita thinks she's in a reality TV show. Tate thinks she's lost her mind. "TINGLES! Yes... this book gave me TINGLES! That's what I love in a romance novel and so many books fall short. I'm not looking for explicit sex. I'm looking for TINGLES! And this book definitely gave me TINGLES!" "A charming, clean romance with lots of plot turns and twists to hold my interest." "I can say this woman is a fantastic writer!!! The story is fast moving and quite incredible."
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