Jessica Beam is a Hot Mess
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Jessica Beam is a Hot Mess by Kirsty Greenwood


Leo Frost hates Jessica Beam on sight. But... she needs him to fall in love with her. Quickly.

When down on her luck Jessica Beam is sold out by her best friend and thrown out of her home, the only person she can turn to is her long lost grandmother Matilda.

But life isn't so hot for Matilda either. The acclaimed etiquette books she wrote in her youth are no longer selling, her mortgage repayments are gigantic and now her disheveled granddaughter has turned up out of the blue, asking for help.

In an attempt to get a new book deal and make some much needed money, Jess and Matilda decide to band together and use Matilda's old etiquette guides to teach messy, unpolished Jess how to become the ultimate demure lady. The true test of their plan will be this: Jess must successfully capture the cold, cold heart of the very sexy and notoriously grumpy playboy Leo Frost and prove that Matilda's guides can still work in the modern day. Just one tiny problem - Jess and Leo hate one another on sight.

It's going to be the ultimate makeover! Transforming Jess from trashy to tasteful will be no easy feat, and when surly Leo starts falling for Jess's secret identity, she discovers that what started out as a way to make some quick cash suddenly becomes a whole lot more complicated ...

♥ Author's Note: Enemies to lovers. Secret Identity. Cinderella Story. So many laugh out loud, swoony moments. A refreshingly bold and hilarious heroine. A grumpy cad of red-headed hero. True friendships, true love and true joy. 


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