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A woman persecuted by her own people. A man living away from home. There is justice between them to be upheld. Ben Shelton has been working as a ranch hand for years, but his desire to be independent pushes him to travel across the country, until he sees a bounty offer and decides to go after the ‘outlaw’ – Jeannie O’Pelt. The feisty and opinionated Jeannie is the only one in town brave enough to stand up against Lewis Cosely and his gang, who wants control over women, alcohol and money. When Cosely fails to take over Jeannie’s ranch and get rid of her, he frames her for a murder she did not commit and puts a bounty on her head, forcing Jeannie to flee her own town. When Ben finds Jeannie seeking shelter among a group of Indians, he knows he is on a botched bounty hunt. Now, Ben and Jeannie will ride back to the town already fallen into Cosely’s hands, and bullets will fly in a fight to return justice to Jeannie and save the townsfolk.