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Jamie by L.L. Muir

A haunting love story... From Culloden's dark battlefield, Jamie jumps at the chance to go next in the clever scheme to earn his vengeance. He’s grateful to be sent back home to perform the required noble deed. Even though his family passed on centuries ago, the place still has a bit of its old glory—and to his surprise, he’s not the only ghost on the property! Elspeth is determined to wait for the love of her life, no matter what Jamie's ghost has to say about it. After all, he's only interested in helping the American film crew. And he's already broken her heart once. She won't let him steal her eternal happiness as well. Jamie will have to face up to his brother’s sins or he’ll lose his boon. But his most difficult task requires accepting some sins of his own. And if he fails, the lovely Elspeth will suffer…for eternity. PAYTON is next. And be sure to follow the ghosts on the Ghosts of Culloden Moor Facebook page for an extra bit of fun.
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