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Jack Daniel’s by Jen Talty

Jack Daniel’s Whiskey sole responsibility was to make sure the ranch operated at a profit and he was damn good at his job. That’s because he much preferred sitting behind a desk crunching numbers than dealing with people. He left that up to his brothers and sister. So, when he was tasked with helping the newest employee, Annette Hannah become assimilated to life on Whiskey Ranch, JD wanted nothing to do with the responsibility, much less the woman and her young toddler. Only when Annette is injured JD finds himself having to help take of both mother and son. The last thing Annette wanted to be to anyone again was a burden. She’d done that to her brother time and time again. All she wanted was a fresh start for her, and her son and the Whiskey family had given her that chance. Working as a horse trainer, she wanted to impress her new bosses, but the wild horse had other plans, and Annette ended up in the ER with a broken wrist and a sprained ankle. Once again, she had to rely on someone else. Only this time, it came in the form of the sexy, but reserved and emotionally unavailable, JD Whiskey. When Annette no longer needs JD, will he be able to walk away, or will people have become more important than numbers, and will Annette allow the cowboy into her and her son’s heart?
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